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Grappling JPG SM.jpg


24x48 mixed media on panel, 2019.

This piece shows a 3-armed woman in a defensive posture and a vulture swooping toward her while two small children look on. The story here is of a parent struggling, perhaps feeling like the vultures are circling on an aspect of her life, yet while two of her arms are braced in a defensive posture, one is embracing the struggle with the metaphorical bird (whose beak and talons are a hair's breadth away!). The woman's face shows wide-eyes focus on the struggle as well as a little surprise, either at the raptor's proximity or at the realization that she has a rapt audience. The two children face away from the viewer, the bigger one with an arm around the shoulders of the smaller one in casual affection,  the smaller one with an arm flung out to point at the action.  Both are clad in vivid orange life preservers—they are safe from this struggle.  

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