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small monotypes with big feels

For these little prints I scanned some of my little watercolor paintings, then cut out the shapes to make stencils. The printing process is moody and meditative, building on what remains from the previous print, and intuitively creating relationships with the shapes that are tied together with color.


These pieces are a conscious effort to break some painting habits I've developed that have slowed me down and added pressure. Play is very important to enjoying the creative process, and as an adult with time constraints and commitments outside of the art world, I felt I was losing that. I am assembling these little pieces more intuitively and letting the stories flow instead of forcing them as I did with some larger traditional 2D paintings.


Edge Gallery, 2021

Sometimes life has foreshadowing.

The moment an idea becomes a viable option is the crux of this series. As a parent, every big decision carries extraordinary weight and the ramifications of a possible choice seem to echo down through generations. In this series, I’ve linked colorful tales over centuries of my lineage with present day concerns. Deep earth tones and active postures bring the paintings to life. In my work animals exemplify human traits and perceptions, and the human-animal interactions create a playful air of fable. These pieces illustrate actual stories about familial relationships, our inner lives, and issues such as mental health and class privilege.


Edge Gallery, 2020

Based on the Greek myth of Theseus defeating the minotaur and finding his way out of the labyrinth with string, these pieces deal with feeling lost while navigating the mayhem of 2020, both in the domestic setting with energetic children, and in the wider world. Not neglecting other aspects of this bizarre time, this series also looks at the quiet moments of concern for loved ones, the contrast of volatility and vulnerability, the constriction and gladness of being (home)bound together, and above all the desire to live and love as we wish.